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Berlin is a hotspot for electronic and technology companies, they create jobs and are the driving force of the economy. The greatest success factor for all companies is their employees. Here Berlin offers enormous potential for skilled workers, especially engineers and IT specialists. The cosmopolitan city of Berlin is opening its doors wide to experts from abroad.


CITY OF ENGINEERING wants to bring them together: international talents of the art of engineering and Berlin companies. Here you can get to know your employer of tomorrow and find all the information you need for your career move to Berlin – from job and apartment searches to visas, networking and leisure tips.

Berlin City of Engineering
Berlin City of Engineering
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Enthusiasm for technology is a tradition in Berlin. A glance at our gallery of ancestors shows this. Computer pioneer Konrad Zuse, innovation driver Werner von Siemens, Knorr-Bremse inventor Georg Knorr – to name a few – they all developed their pioneering inventions here. Their spirits are still alive today.

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Berlin currently has about 7,000 companies with more than 100,000 employees in industrial production. Among the largest players in the city are Deutsche Bahn, Charité, Siemens, BVG, Deutsche Telekom, Vattenfall and Daimler.


Berlin also has a vibrant startup scene, which is why it is also called Europe’s Silicon Valley. Well-known start-ups have gained a foothold here and have become successful such as N26, Taxfix, Delivery Hero, Soundcloud, Blinkist, Uberall, Babbel, EyeEm and Zaladno. At least 100 tech start-ups are currently working here on innovations that directly affect urban coexistence, including mobility, infrastructure and quality of life.


Berlin offers fertile ground for innovative processes, which is why more and more innovation labs of established brands such as Lufthansa, VW, Porsche, Telekom and many more are setting in Berlin.


Berlin ist one of the largest and most diverse science locations in Europa. World-leading scientists are conducting research at over 40 universities and more than 70 non-university institutions. The variety of expertise is unique: for every emerging innovation, the necessary skills can be found in the scientific landscape of Berlin.

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